January 10, 2014


Now that I'm home it can snow all it wants!

Man, the first full week back at work from the holidays are rough...
On top of a post holiday 5 day work week, there was the polar vortex....
And a bit of an actual cold....

But the week did have some highlights. 
I hung out with two of my blogging besties Lauren & Sarah at M Restaurant
{even though it was Saturday I'm counting it as this week, plus the pizza was pretty fantastic}

I crafted a wedding shower gift thanks to a little help from my much more creatively inclined sister.
{the wedding shower is tomorrow, hopefully it goes over well!}

New Girl & Mindy Project returned this week so that's a win/win!
{Not only is Mindy spot-on with her love of coffee cake, her cardigan is pretty fabulous}

Not to mention the super enjoyable Love, Marilyn and Ethel documentaries I watched and loved.
{and then proceeded to tell all my friends about}

I tried a new Crossfit inspired workout at my work gym. Not gonna lie, I'm crazy sore today.
{But I'm forcing myself to go to Pure Barre tonight and get a good stretch}

And speaking of activities, this week was my first time attempting Broomball.
{Sure I fell, but the beer and sheer hilarity of adults trying to walk/run on ice was totally worth it} 

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