January 18, 2016

Trunk Club

After cleaning out my closet and selling the items that didn't make the cut, I found myself with a much leaner closet. Capsules by Cladwell helped me identify a few holes in my closet, and after making a few extra bucks by selling items on Poshmark, I wanted to add a few unexpected winter essentials. 

When I shop, I tend to gravitate towards the same store/shapes/colors. Usually that works for me, but when I started cleaning out my closet I realized the holes I have are holes for a reason. There are items I always struggle to find. Throw in that I wanted to add in a few unexpected items, I decided to go in a different shopping route.

Enter Trunk Club.

I'd read a few blog posts about the service and I was intrigued. Then my friend Lauren signed up and gave me the 411 first hand and I was hooked. Personalized service? No styling fee? Easy returns. This is exactly what I was looking for. Unlike other services, the fact that I could return all my items without loosing any money was a big plus! I'll be the first to tell you fit is really tough for me. On a good day, I'm 2 different sizes {not to mention those sizes fluctuate during the month}... so online personal shopping services have given me pause. But with that worry eliminated, I took the plunge.  

Trunk Club2

Right before the holidays, I signed up for Trunk Club. A few days later I had a call with my stylist Giselle. Trunk Club is a Nordstrom owned company, so it was no surprise my stylist was easy to work with and very thoughtful. A few days after our chat my first trunk arrived. Not surprisingly, we had a lot of sizing issues... I was bummed. After sending back all the clothes and giving feedback on Trunk Club's app {which is amazing btw} my stylist reached out to send a follow up trunk which arrived this week.

Now we were in business. 
Trunk Club
Without further adieu, here's a look at a few pieces from my 2nd Trunk and the outfits I put together from well loved items in my closet.

1st Look
Trunk Club A 4

Trunk Club A 3

Trunk Club A 2

Trunk Club A 1

Blazer: Zara • Top: Trunk Club Jeans: Madewell Jewelry: Stella & Dot  Purse: Trunk Club

2nd Look
Trunk Club c2

Trunk Club c3

Trunk Club c4

Trunk Club c 1

Vest: Anthro • Sweater: Trunk Club Jewelry: Stella & Dot • Purse: Stella & Dot Boots: Trunk Club

3rd Look
Trunk Club B5

Trunk Club B4

Trunk Club B 3

Trunk Club B 2

Top: Trunk Club Jeans: Paige via Anthro Jewelry: Stella & Dot • Purse: Stella & Dot • Boots: Trunk Club

Which look is your favorite? Leave your comments below.
And if you're interested in trying out Trunk Club, I highly recommend Giselle!
You can sign up here.

This post is not sponsored by Trunk Club. I'm just a fan :)

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